Clint Hempsall

Award-Winning Videographer & Freelance Producer

Director of Cinematography
Sea Image Productions

Decades of experience in wildlife & underwater cinematography, freelance production and independent film making.

Spanning over 30 years of experience, Emmy Award winning cinematographer Clint Hempsall has worked on over 50 documentaries and hundreds of international and domestic television program segments. With 16 ACS awards to his name, Clint only uses the latest high-definition cameras such as Sony HDCAM, Sony XDCAM HD, Red 4K, Canon C 200 4K and Panasonic DVC Pro HD. He has shot many TVC, corporate and educational projects for a variety of highly reputable clientele. 

Driven by a passion for filming underwater natural history, Clint has become one of Australia’s most experienced and creative underwater camera specialists with over 8000 dives and numerous awards to his name. Understanding that marine-based documentaries can be an expensive process, Clint films both above water and underwater content making the production process far more efficient and affordable for his clients.

Filming projects have taken him to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations including Fiji, Vanuatu, The Bahamas, Japan, Palau and New Zealand. Whether the purpose of the shoot is scientific research, indigenous culture, maritime history, natural adventure, tourism or underwater natural history, Clint is committed to getting the best possible image on every single shoot, a promise he has kept with his clients time and time again. 

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Years of Experience


Clint has worked with dozens of various networks and clients, on a total of over 500 projects.

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Hear from professionals in the industry

In my opinion, Clint Hempsall is a cinematographic genius in the specialised documentary arena who produces story telling images right up there with these industry luminaries. Clint’s style of cinematography is exceptional: with an eye for intimate detail, first class framing and a knowledge of just what is required to make a series of shots turn into a finely tuned sequence.
Bob Blasdell
CEO & Chief Editor at The Post Works
I have been working with Clint for nearly twenty years and highly recommend him as one of the top cinematographers in Australia. He is very skilful, not only in underwater filming but all forms of cinematography. I have always enjoy working with him, as he is a great team player, and successfully maintains a professional presence. Clint does his best to look after other crew members and has seamlessly fit into any team he's been a part of.
Yoichi Minowa
Apart from being a very skilled camera operator and producer, Clint was a dream to work with. We had a gruelling schedule on the Coastwatch show, producing 46 first run episodes and 6 “best of’s each year and Clint was more than capable of achieving the high quality, high output required whilst working unsupervised.


Clint has been involved in countless award-winning documentaries. He was involved in the underwater shoot for National Geographic's 'Great Migrations', which won the Emmy in 2011.

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